Engineered Rain Caps

3″ to 30″ inches ready to ship

30″ to 60″ order for fabrication

3D Fiber Laser Cutting





Detailed Welding






Bending and Fabrication Services

Bending Beyond Expectations

Parker utilizes industry leading techniques developing bending solutions that proprietary solutions in the industry.  From 1/4″ tube to 14″ tube up to 1/2″ wall thickness for Bumper and ROPS manufactured parts to prototype and novel design production.

LEAN Manufacturing
We have tooling that doesn’t exist anywhere else in North America.  Sourcing bent or multi-joint parts from us shortens your timeline and lowers your risk.  Contact Tom Pemple to start your project.
AV&SDV &Aero (Lightweight)
Here we have a landing gear for a helicopter whose manufacturer was flying high when we exceeded their tolerance expectations by 50% (hitting .015″) as well as their strength needs by suaging joints and using a metal epoxy for joint strength instead of a traditional weld.

large enough for oil
Click through to see us bend a 14 inch pipe 180° on “Yoda” the largest pipe bender in North America.  Energy, shipbuilding and power generation applications abound if you know that we can do it!

largest pipe bender in america

largest pipe bender in america

Exhaust Systems Manufacturing

Build to Print for complex tubular systems.

In house service for bending, cutting, and welding allows us to meet tolerances in difficult to produce designs currently in use.

3D Five axis Fiber Laser
Copper, aluminium, brass, mild steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel cut with a fiber laser immediately ready for weld or finish.  The fiber laser removes any need for de-burr or additional steps speeding up the process as well as the ability to 3D cut multiple insertions or angles re-positioning between cuts without resetting any tooling.  Our expert BLM LT-FREE laser cutting operators will shave steps and time from your complex tubular metal cutting needs and meet your deadline.  Outsource your parts needs to us for manufacturing cost savings.

Diesel exhaust
For the long running engines hard at work in over the road trucking, construction and earth moving, Parker designed or produced aftermarket or OEM parts are carrying fumes on nearly every major brand in North America.  Yea we’re proud of that, and yes we are specialists.  Utilize our engineering staff or reverse engineering experience to mitigate post-install problems or wear related failures.  
3D scan & Prototype
We have the latest technology for 3D scanning, 3D camera point graphing, or mandrel arm measuring.  Bring us to the table too see your stress failures and utilize our engineering experience to manufacture replacement test parts at the highest speed, or prototype new designs without distracting your mainline manufacturing processes.  Our guys love a challenge, and adapt to them creatively and quickly building a process for others to follow.

Laser processing

From Flat lasers to industrial Band saws, Parker has now transformed many of these operations into the highest degree of Lasers on the market. Implemented for clean laser 3D cuts, fresh from our BLM 3D 5 axis Fiber Laser. our Fabricators and laser programmers can deliver on short timelines for high item number orders or production tests for prototype feasibility and cost analysis. From Flat to 3D and typical large scale saw operations from flat to plate, we have you covered.

pipe bending

Bending all shapes and sizes from small to Big BENDS in the Mining, Heavy Construction, Marine, Aero and O & G. Structural, sheet and plate, bumpers, landing gear, ROPS, and rolling ops for Square and Rectangular Structural tubes andpress break bending ops.  We are now in full production with our largest bender, YODA, short for Chiyoda, a one of a kind custom bender of global Maximum proportions. One must see in use to grasp the power and capabilities it provides.

lean fabrication

From humble beginnings as a small job shop to scaling up to meeting the needs of the largest OEM's on the planet. Our focus for the last 25 years has been doing what the big boys in the neighborhood have yet to figure out.  Centrally located in the Heart of the U.S. we positioned ourselves in the corridor of Heavy Construction and Mining Industries.


The expertise our designers, engineers, fabricators and field team possess in OSHA, CARB, & EPA demands, coupled with strong proven operations, we yield manufacturing solutions - which directly affect the bottom line savings and cost reduction for our loyal customers. Fabricating all types of alloys, from mild to wild with specific skill sets; our staff are far ahead of the curve!

: Unique Fabrication :

Generations of Problem Solving

Insurance in our Experience

My father started Parker Fabrication from our rural barn in the 1980’s. As more customers became aware of the skills we possessed  we initially solved common farm equipment failures. As we began retrofitting the failed exhaust systems in the diesel engines powering the agricultural or industrial work around us we stepped into our niche.  I learned in high school physics it was called ‘the scientific process’  but to me, it was just how Dad and I overcame the obstacles in front of us.  Theorize, test, observe, repeat until  you know. Now the theorizing=design, the observation=shop process, and the repeat=40+ employees and a multi-million dollar operation that has doubled since 2016 alone. 

Call to set up a tour and our experience recent expansion. 

3D 5 Axis Fiber Laser Cutting

Elegant Results

The BLM LT FREE 5 Axis Fiber laser has expanded our capabilities in tube processing and forged an unparallelled technological advantage in this field of advancement , the team at Parker and its laser tube processing expertise is unsurpassed.  Parker Fabrication has invested many years of time and resources to stay far ahead of the curve. The results speak for themselves. Schedule a visit or tour today.

Tom Pemble



Manufacturing Specialts for

Diesel Engine Exhaust

Cutting on a bias.  Fabricating chamfered  edges done in house to Bevel Cuts and end forming, our processes and capabilities have been honed and perfected for almost any application involving Fabrication. MIG TO TIG from “Mild to Wild” Parker utilizes nearly every type of skill known to the weld industry. Stainless Steel to Mild Carbon to exotic metals for the Aero industry Parker possesses a full range of turnkey solutions to:  Minimize your production risk and utilize our strengths to meet your needs.

Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.

~ Rene Descartes

Parker Employees

Retention is KEY

20 Years Makes a Difference

“Nobody has taken care of me as well as Parker and so I stay.  Loyalty from the management allows me to grow my skills and produce a better product  and a pride in my work.  We collaborate on process and our year over year profit sharing are part of my pride in a job well done that I take home to my family”. Britt Fonner

The industrial giants in our area are laying off or shifting employees so often that there is neither room for advancement or the opportunity to prove my skills and worth.  The top down perspective from the Fortune 500 do not make for good workers, or a good quality of life.  Matt Parker provides a good balance in skills and career development with quality of life from our Morton Facility.”

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