Square Steel Tube Bent Parts

The process of square steel tube bending takes accuracy and precision. Modern machinery and skilled operators use computer aided step process management for realizing modern designs. Two physical characteristics in square and steel tube bending define the effectiveness of an engineered application.

Professional Square Tube Bent Parts

In square tube bending, there are common characteristics that are considered in order to produce an accurate part. The degree of the bend, radius of the bent section, arc length, and tangential lengths all affect the dimensions of the required part. Accurate square tube bending can also require a wide array of dies that can produce bends more quickly.


Reliable Square and Steel Tube Bending

Parker Fabrication Inc. is a leading firm when it comes to accurate products and parts that require square bending and steel tube bending. Our complete line of equipment lets us increase our levels of accuracy and precision in every bending task that is required of us. Steel tube bending results in accurate and seamless bends and welds.


Steel tube bending is done by our Bend Department. We have the capability to form large structural steel that involves push bending 6”x 10” / 0.375” wall tube with a 100 inch radius. All our bends are inspected using the CMM device per internal specifications and/or customer defined criteria. Components can be inspected using the PCDIMS or by a non-contact method and the DOCS software.


Square Tube Bending and Steel Tube Bending by Experts


Whether square or steel tube bending, Parker Fabrication can help. Trust us to help you with any of the following:



Square tube bending and steel tube bending are our specialties. Contact Parker Fabrication Inc. today.


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