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Parker Fabrication Inc. has experts in pipe fabrication in Peoria. Applications requiring pipe fabrication in Peoria are expertly handled by our fabricators. We have performed many tasks involving pipe fabrication in Peoria, and we are proud to have many satisfied customers. Parker Fabrication, Inc. delivers quality engineered pipe fabrications in Peoria.

Professional Pipe Parts Fabrication Peoria IL

We offer pipe fabrication in Peoria using standard materials. Pipe fabrication in Peoria is our expertise, as we have equipment that are capable of pipe fabrication for a variety of applications. From simple bends to complex welded tubular assemblies, Parker Fabrication, Inc. performs pipe fabrication in Peoria with the highest degrees of precision and quality.


Highly Reliable Pipe Fabrication in Peoria

Pipe fabrication in Peoria is our specialty. Parker Fabrication Inc. uses the latest CAD tools and pipe fabrication techniques to come up with accurate designs. Customize pipe fabrication in Peoria is commonly done using the latest equipment found in our site. We also offer a highly experienced and skilled weld department.


Our weld department focuses on GMAW and GTAW with standard or pulse inverter-based machines carrying a capacity up to 700 amps. Our pipe fabrication department in Peoria has extensive experience in welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brazing. Pipe fabrication in Peoria also involves pre/post heat treatment of cast iron welding.


Pipe Fabrication Peoria by Experts


Pipe fabrication performed perfectly and accurately the first time ensures a quality system. Trust Parker Fabrication to help you with pipe fabrication and any of the following:



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