Marine Exhaust

Dependable Marine Exhaust

Marine exhaust systems are an important part of any marine diesel engine. Marine exhaust systems are different from other exhaust systems in terms of parts and operation. But their function is also to provide an efficient exit for the exhaust gases from a boat’s diesel engine. Special attention is needed in the design of marine exhaust systems so that they can work effectively.


In the design of marine exhaust systems, not all materials are up to the task. Galvanized steel marine exhausts protect the engine from the corrosive property of the mixture of saltwater and exhaust gases. The marine exhaust should be protected from the harsh conditions of the sea. Parker Fabrication Inc. makes sure that only quality marine exhaust systems make their way to marine engines.


Marine Exhaust Maintenance

Having a well-maintained marine exhaust system is a must for any marine engine application. Boats need engines that are fitted with a marine exhaust that performs to specification. Saltwater is corrosive and can keep engines from achieving top performance. Parker Fabrication, Inc. has the experience in the design and fabrication of marine exhausts and knows the importance of a good marine exhaust system.


Marine exhaust systems should not be overlooked in marine engines. Poorly designed marine exhausts allow water to flow back and fill the waterlock/muffler box then up the hose into the exhaust manifold, through the exhaust valves and into the combustion chamber. An engine flooded with water is never good, so entrust the design of your marine exhaust to an experienced and state-of-the-art firm.


Marine Exhaust by Professionals


For quality marine exhaust, trust only in professionals. Parker Fabrication has the experience to help you with marine exhaust and any of the following: