Machining Centers

Parker Fabrication maintains machining capabilities for several different functions. The Machining Department offers CNC multi-axis milling and CNC turning with live tooling for prototype and production components. These components can either be machined only or procured as a part of a larger fabricated assembly. Examples of these are industrial rain caps and tubing elbows.

Components from the Machining Department will be inspected either to current internal specifications or customer supplied criteria. Statistical process control, Cpk values and PPAP’s are available for any machined component.

Lathe Mill CAM

The Machining Department is also available for the procurement of bend tooling and welding fixtures. With the CAD/CAM capabilities, bend die tooling, manufacturing fixtures, and inspection fixtures can be quickly created internally to shorten lead time and lower cost. All tooling and fixtures are verified and documented by the Quality Department before implementation.

Please feel free to contact our Sales or Engineering Departments with any questions involving machining capabilities.

Machine Shop in Peoria IL