3d Laser

BLM LTFREE 3d fiber laser

Utilizing the BLM LT Free Fiber laser, Parker Fabrication is able to quickly cut formed stainless steel, galvanized, aluminized,  copper, brass and mild steel to produce unique, high production and high quality parts.

3D Saves Time

In the simplest of practical terms, a plasma laser will cut a smooth edge that doesn't need secondary finishing processes.  Our BLM LT FREE shop tool allows a 5 AXIS and multi cut programming.

0 Secondary Process

Bent tubes, hydroformed components, tubular assemblies or stamped parts are all easily finished in record time meeting your industrial parts fabrication needs by eleminating by-hand steps.  Cutting, piercing, punching, milling, deburring: these operations are traditionally performed in sequence one after the other. The laser does them all together in a single automated operation.

From Plan to Production

ArtCut can be used to create part complex programs via easy to use 3D graphical simulations of the entire cell.  We solve complex exhust routing and heat management design problems and can produce them rapidly for after market applications.

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