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Tube Swaging

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Tube swaging is the process of shaping a metal to reduce or increase the diameter of a tube or pipe. Many applications require the alteration of the diameter of a tube or pipe. Tube swaging is done on tubes used in industrial, medical, automotive, and aerospace applications. When a multi-piece assembly is not an option, tube swaging is commonly used to have a single part unit. To contact Parker Fabrication about your tube swaging project, click the link below.

High Quality Tube Swaging from Parker Fabrication


Tube swaging uses cold forging or compressing the tube at low temperatures. Dies are used in tube swaging. To reduce its diameter, the tube is placed inside a die and applies compressive force by hammering radially. Conversely, tube swaging can be used for expansion by placing a mandrel inside the tube and applying radial compressive forces on the outer diameter.


Expert Tube Swaging

In tube swaging, temperatures and forces need to be precisely calculated to have a good end-product. Parker Fabrication, Inc. performs tube swaging professionally. Our tube swaging equipment at can handle precision diameters to make your custom tube end design to specification. Parker Fabrication, Inc. has handled the design and manufacture of parts requiring tube swaging for many satisfied clients.


Tube swaging can also be used to fit a tube end with another tube, elbow or joint. Tube swaging can be more economical than getting more fittings. However, improper swaging techniques can lead to piping failure. Tube swaging and other end forming processes are available for various sizes. Tooling can be designed and manufactured for custom forming applications.


Tube Swaging by Professionals