Structural Bending for Steel

Dependable Structural Bending

Parker Fabrication’s Bend Department specializes in all types of structural bending and steel structural bending and has an array of bending devices including Pines and Horn CNC benders that have capability for bending from 1/4” to 6” geometry.  Structural bending in the Bend Department is possible because Parker Fabrication has a significant amount of bend tooling on hand. Custom tooling can be internally or externally designed and manufactured to most any customer structural steel bend specifications or needs.


Low Deformation Structural Bending

Parker Fabrication engineers the low-deformation bending of structural steel for a wide variety of applications. We work with all forms of structural steel:

  • Angle
  • Wide Flange
  • I-Beam
  • Channel
  • Square tube
  • Rectangular tubing

The Bend Department’s expertise in forming large structural steel to meet high tolerance standards brings us contracts from firms looking for this expertise to shorten production times or lower their in-house costs with our outsourced experience.  Some current components of structural bending  involve push bending 6”x 10” / 0.375” wall tube with a 100 inch radius.  Capabilities for the structural push bending are fairly application specific, so please contact us for further details.


Multiple Radi Bending

All Bend Department structural bending products will be inspected using the CMM device per internal specifications and/or customer defined criteria.  Structural bending components can be inspected using the PCDIMS or by a non-contact method and the DOCS software.

Our reputation for producing unique steel items and highly accurate camber and arc designs.  Structural steel bending for unique architectural applications in bridges, buttresses, and spans.  Metal forming services for the widest range of industries including structural steel fabricators, public works contractors, oil & gas refineries, large industrial complexes, equipment manufacturers, architectural designers, and shipbuilders. If your CAD design bends members off-axis we will complete the materials for you.  If you have designed or dreamed a helical bend for an aesthetic theme in your architecture – contact us to supply the materials to your building contractor or consult in your design before it goes to bidding. If your pipe or tube needs bent in two planes (compound bends) or multiple radii (in engineering terms) we have experience routing exhaust and supply tubes through all sorts of unique inlets or outlets.



Professional Structural Bending

When doing structural bending, it’s not worth doing unless you’re doing it right.. Parker Fabrication, Inc. knows this, as we are very efficient at what we do. We want all our services, including structural bending, to be done right. That is why all our tasks involving structural bending are done with accurate and precise processes. When we are efficient, our products are also efficient. Structural Bending is essential to any fabrication task. That’s why we have a professional take on structural bending.


Structural Bending by Experts


Allow the experts at Parker Fabrication to help you with structural bending. In addition, we also offer the following products and services:

bend it how you want it

Reverse Engineering Peoria

Our Proven Reverse Engineering Process

When it comes to reverse engineering, Peoria trusts only one name: Parker Fabrication, Inc. We utilize reverse engineering in Peoria as our primary technique to design and build mechanical parts for industrial needs. We are able to do fabrication by performing reverse engineering on specifications and functions.


We take apart and carefully analyze the details of any part, and replicate or retrofit a sub-component to it. This is how we professionally perform reverse engineering in Peoria. Not only do we know what it takes to do reverse engineering, but we do this with only the latest of technologies available in the business. For reverse engineering in Peoria, only trust in Parker Fabrication, Inc.


Reverse engineering in Peoria knows only one home, Parker Fabrication Inc. Contact us today or check out our catalog for some of our reverse engineered work.


Professional Reverse Engineering in Peoria

Parker Fabrication, Inc. has a very high regard for quality and reliability. We want all our services, including reverse engineering in Peoria, to be very efficient. That is why all our tasks involving reverse engineering in Peoria are made with accurate and precise processes. When we do this, we make sure all our products work to their maximum efficiency. Reverse engineering is essential to any fabrication task. That's why we have a professional take on reverse engineering in Peoria.


Reverse Engineering Peoria by Experts

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